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Most French towns have regular market days. The markets are usually a mix of stalls selling local food and produce plus clothes, fabric, shoes, utensils, jewelry, and household items. Most food stall holders will let you try before you buy but if you need to prompt them the phrase is "Gouté, s'il vous plait?"Those markets with * are tourist season only (usually Jul/Aug)check before you set off!


Alet-les-Bains 11580 Wednesday
Azille 11700 Saturday
Belpech 11420 Wednesday
Belveze du Razès 11240 Tuesday, Saturday
Bize- Minervois 11120 Wednesday
Bram 11150 Wednesday
Carcassonne 11000 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Castelnaudary 11400 Monday
Caunes-Minervois 11170 Saturday
Chalabre 11230 Saturday
Couiza 11190 Tuesday, Saturday
Coursan 11110 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Cuxac-d'Aude 11590 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Espéraza 11260 Thursday, Sunday
Fabrezan 11200 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Fanjeaux 11270 Saturday
Ferrals-les-Corbières 11200 Tuesday,Friday
Fitou 11510 Wednesday
Fleury-d'Aude 11560 daily
Gruissan 11430 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
La Franqui - Leucate 11370 Monday, Thursday*
Lagrasse 11220 Saturday
La Palme 11540 Tuesday, Saturday
La Redorte 11700 Tuesday, Friday
Leucate plage 11370 Wednesday, Saturday*
Lucate ville 11370 Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Lézignan-Corbiéres 11200 Wednesday
Limoux 11300 Tuesday*, Friday, Saturday
Montoileu 11170 3rd Sunday
Narbonne 11100 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Halles de Narbonne 11100 every day
Les marchés forains à Narbonne Plage 11100 evenings 15 June -15 September except Monday
Port-la-Nouvelle 11210 Wednesday, Saturday
Quillan 11500 Wednesday, Saturday
Rennes-les-Bains 11190 Thursday
Rieux-Minervois 11160 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
St-Pierre-sur-Mer 11100 daily (Sunday*)
Saissac 11310 Thursday,Sunday*
Sallèles-d'Aude 11110 Tuesday, Frday
Sigean 11130 Tuesday, Friday
Trèbes 11800 Wednesday
Tuchan 11350 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


Aulus-les-Bains 09140 Sunday*
Ax-les-Thermes 09110 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday*
La Bastide-de-Sérou 09240 Thursday
Bélesta 09300 Tuesday
Les Cabannes 09310 Sunday
Castillon-en-Couserans 09800 Tuesday
Daumazan-sur-Arize 09350 Friday
Foix 9000 Friday
Le Fossat 09130 3rd & 5th Wednesday
Le tour-de-Crieu 09100 Wednesday
Laroque-d'Olmes 09600 Thursday, Saturday
Lavelanet 09300 Wednesday, Friday
Carla-Bayle 09300 Sunday
Le Mas-d'Azil 09290 Wednesday, Saturday
Lézat-sur-Lèze 09210 Saturday
Massat 09320 2nd & 4th Th
Mazères 09270 Thursday
Mirepoix 9500 Monday, Thursday
Oust 09140 Friday*
Pailhès 09130 3rd & 5th Su
Pamiers 09100 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Quié 09400 Sunday*
Rouze 09460 Thursday
Saverdun 09700 Friday
St-Girons 09200 Saturday




Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat 9000 Saturday
Saint-Ybars 09210 4th Wednesday
Seix 09140 1st/3rd Thursday, 2nd*/4th* Wednesday
Sentein 09800 Friday*
Tarascon-sur-Ariège 09400 Wednesday, Saturday
Ussat 09400 Thursday*
Varilhes 09120 Tuesday, Saturday
Verniolle 09340 Sunday
Vicdessos 09220 Thursday

There are other markets a bit like car boot sales that are interesting and fun to visit - brocantes, puces, and vide-greniers. The brocantes are markets where people sell used things, household items, clothes not really antiques but a lot of very interesting things. The puces - flea markets are mainly clothes. If you like to rummage the interesting ones are vide-greniers and foires brocantes. "vide-grenier" means empty attic, or empty the attic, it's usually a combination of local people and dealers. Angela Rippon wrote about the fabulous vide-grenier at Mirepoix in an article for Guardian Unlimited about the best flee markets in Europe. A foire brocante is along similar lines to a vide-grenier, but with more dealers and generally higher prices.